Thursday, March 12, 2009


"I believe God rules all by His Divine Providence and that the stars by His permission are instruments."
-- William Lilly
this one's for my Dedham friends.

well. i never, ever thought this day would come. at least not so soon.

i had agreed to travel this weekend with a group to France. long story short, it wasn't going to work out, so they switched our destination to a place where our other friends were going: a small little town known as Bruges.

Those of us that were fortunate enough to be a part of that group back in 2005 that went to Bruges post-World Youth Day undoubtedly still remember the cobble stone roads, the beauty, and the widespread antiquity of Bruges.

I pray that i'll be able to see the cloth stained with Christ's blood again. I can remember the excitement of finding out they had it out on display, and how we literally up and left lunch and sprinted across the town. I can remember us quietly sliding into the chapel moments before they shut the door, not allowing anyone else in. I can remember the bus ride back to Brussels, asking myself when i would ever find the opportunity to return, because i was so struck by the experience i had.

and in just 5 hours, i'll be on my way again.

Thanks be to God.

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